5 Ways to Save This Summer

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8 Jul 2015

5 Ways to Save This Summer

5 ways to save this summer: Lighting and heating projects

5 ways we can help you save on your lighting and heating projects this summer: 

■ Save Time:  We'll take the lighting or heating project complexity out of your hands with turnkey services including:  Site audits, system design, specification writing, assistance with finance, staff engagement and training, supply, installation and commissioning. ■ Save Energy:  Systems designed to meet your specific performance requirements, capitalise on your environment and deliver energy savings.  Click to see proof. ■ Save Money:  Tailored solutions to match your commercial requirements, whether speedy payback, cost reduction or using energy savings to offset loan repayments is top of your list. ■ Save Worry:  With over 30 years of experience, we are a credible, accountable partner.  You can trust Chalmor to deliver on time, to budget and provide the financial and energy savings you need. ■ Extra Savings:  Throughout July we are offering cut price Chalmor products and services, or gifts with every order.   share via Facebook Share on Facebook Share by email parental security

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