Choosing the Right LED Lighting

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23 Jul 2014

Choosing the Right LED Lighting

Choosing the right LED Lighting for YOU, with help from ChalmorThe current lighting industry buzz around LED’s for commercial applications is set to continue – with forecasters predicting worldwide revenues for LED luminaires and lamps in high-bay applications to grow from US$2.6bn – US$7bn by 2021, making LED the dominant technology for high-bay within the next 10 years. In the UK, this uptake is boosted by the Government offering tax incentives including the Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) scheme, which allows businesses to write off investment in energy efficient products, including LED’s against the same years’ taxable profits. The market is flooded with products and options, ranging from low cost lamps, right through to high-end investment. Unfortunately, at the low-cost end of the market, imitation products are becoming more prevalent, sold by pop-up companies who disappear as quickly as they arrived, leaving a trail of broken quality and warranty promises behind them. Buyers can be left facing high failure rates, inconsistent light, overheated fittings and negligible energy savings.

So, with all this conflicting information, how do you choose your LED product?

1. We recommend buying from a reputable supplier with a long industry history, although this may cost more, you can be assured that the business has been around long enough to honour its warranties. Ideally, the supplier would also offer installation warranties for full back-to-back support. 2. Look for third party certifications from UK test houses, to prove product quality and safety - including IP (Ingress Protection) against dust and water, quality accreditations such as CE and F marking and conforming with the RoHS directive. 3. Check for high quality components, for example the LED housing must be made from materials that remove the heat which the LED generates (for example metal would conduct heat, plastic would not). Non-conductible materials will cause light failure and safety issues. 4. Ensure good system design – power supply and components also play a role. Investing in high quality LED’s and components may cost more upfront, but the design will more accurately suit your requirements, so will pay off in terms of efficiency and lifespan 5. Choose accredited installers, electrical certification such as NICEIC or ECA regularly audit contractors to ensure competence and support industry best practice. We want to assure you that we are selling the real thing! Our new LED range is manufactured and tested in the UK, made from high quality components, tested to IP66, with CE and F marking and RoHS directive. They come with an industry leading 5 year unlimited usage warranty and on top of that, we offer the Chalmor service package – lighting consultation and site visit, design, supply, installation and commissioning to ensure you get exactly the system you need, from a supplier you can trust. Click here to see the full range or call us on 01582 748700 to discuss your requirements. Choosing the right LED Lighting could not be any easier, with Chalmor.

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