Control your heating from your iPhone!

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15 Mar 2013

Control your heating from your iPhone!

Control your heating from your iPhone - eTRV + iLink DiagramNow you can control the heating in your office or home remotely from an iPhone, iPad or iTouch with i-Link from energy management specialists Chalmor Ltd. The i-Link works with all iOS devices as a remote control system for Chalmor’s electronic thermostatic radiator valve - eTRV. Since its launch in 2006, the eTRV has helped thousands of households and businesses in UK save millions of pounds from their ever increasing heating bills. With an anticipated 20% increase in the energy prices for 2013, controlling energy consumption remains a key priority for consumers. i-Link is easy to install on any iOS device, via a downloadable free app. It replaces the traditional handset, while retaining all the functionality and ease of use associated with the eTRV system. i-Link makes it simple and straightforward to programme and adjust the eTRV. It has a range of 10 metres (30 feet). i-Link provides independent control of each radiator with different standard settings (low/economy/comfort) as well as the ability to specify specific temperatures for each radiator. The Chalmor eTRV is an electronic replacement for standard TRVs. It is simple to install and operate. The valve has a choice of daily temperature settings. Both eTRV and i-Link can be purchased from Chalmor’s website at, email or contact us on 01582 748 700. Chalmor has been helping a wide range of organisations in the public and private sectors to save energy and money for more than 30 years. It offers a tried and tested blend of innovation, flexibility, attention to detail and ground-breaking heating and lighting systems. For more information on how to control your heating from your iphone with eTRV and i-Link, email us here.

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