Energy Efficient Warehouse Lighting: Miniclipper One Year On

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17 Sep 2014

Energy Efficient Warehouse Lighting: Miniclipper One Year On

Energy Efficient Warehouse Lighting at Miniclipper Miniclipper installed energy efficient warehouse lighting from Chalmor. An 89% reduction in energy consumption was achieved, saving £52,207 per year and providing a 1.1 year return on investment. In 2012, Miniclipper expanded into a new high bay warehouse s in Leighton Buzzard. The 1970’s warehouse was dark, dusty and inefficient, Miniclipper sought to better the working environment and improve energy efficiency. Amid three suppliers, Chalmor’s proposal was selected both for best value and attention to detail. Miniclipper’s MD Peter Masters stated “It was clear from the start that Chalmor understood the commercial objectives and the operational requirements and sought to trim efficiency wherever possible.” Chalmor installed T5 lighting, providing long lasting, high lumen output – ensuring appropriate light levels and minimal maintenance in a warehouse which reaches 12.5m height in some areas. Daylight sensors were used to save energy where natural light from skylights was sufficient. Occupancy sensors were installed over aisles to make savings when individual aisles were not in use. Controls were also installed in the foyer, offices and meeting rooms. The aim was to reduce lighting waste throughout the building, without compromising on comfort and productivity.

We visited Miniclipper 1 year on to see how the installation was faring.

The warehouse is now 100% utilised and Miniclipper are seeking further  expansion. Peter Masters commented “You would not believe the difference the  new lighting system made, not only did it save energy, but it really lifted spirits  and over the last year I have been proud to bring customers in to see our  operations. All the lights are operational, we have reported zero failures and have no complaints!” Sustainability is high on the agenda at Miniclipper, who have since installed solar panels on the roof of the warehouse, displacing energy to make their lighting carbon neutral. Shortly after the Chalmor project, Miniclipper won the Environment Award at the UK Warehouse Association. One year on, they feel this has raised their green credibility with customers and increased their standing within the industry.

 Watch our video with Miniclipper MD, Peter Masters:

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