eTRV+ on the RBS Estate – Submission Snapshots

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18 Sep 2014

eTRV+ on the RBS Estate – Submission Snapshots

etrv-image-228x228What is eTRV+ and what does it do?

• Reduce energy use by 25%+ • An energy saving replacement for existing TRVs, which enables control of heating on a room by room basis. eTRV+ saves energy by only heating a room when needed, to the exact temperature which maximises comfort – and prevents overheating • Timers provide a programme to suit planned room usage (e.g. branch opening times). • 3 temperature options provide energy savings without compromising comfort – e.g. during very cold winter periods, set to LOW overnight to maintain a minimum temperature. Increase to ECO during opening hours. If the room feels too cool, boost to COMF for 1 hour. Conversely, if windows are opened because the room feels too warm, the Open Window feature detects this and adjusts the temperature down to minimise heat loss • An optional PAIR (Passive Active Infra-Red) has been developed to detect presence and adjust temperature in areas with intermittent use. There’s no need to heat an empty room again! • When security must be considered, the optional security kit prevents physical tamper or removal, protecting the investment. Secure Settings options, which enable only the programmer to make changes to the settings, protect the savings

What are the benefits for RBS, its customers and stakeholders?RBS logo

• For RBS, eTRV+ provides low maintenance energy saving and a uniform approach to heating control across a varied estate. It is suitable where ever there are radiators - small or large buildings, old or new and any type of room, front or back of house, for staff and customer areas – it makes differing heating requirements manageable. RBS can be confident that energy will be saved, without compromising staff and customer comfort • Staff and customers benefit from more consistent temperatures, with no more overheating. User control is not lost though, if the room feels too cool, the manual boost button provides one hour of extra warmth to suit preference • Shareholders will benefit from the boost in CSR provided by reduced carbon. eTRV+ has been proven to provide energy savings of 25%+, which makes one year payback on investment achievable, music to shareholders ears! • eTRV+ reduces work for the maintenance team. It is quick to install, with minimal downtime and no mess. Chalmor can provide the installation service, or it can be rolled out by the existing facilities provider as part of cyclical maintenance (with training from Chalmor). Once installed, eTRV+ thermostatic radiator valve is discrete and quiet and will not interrupt daily business. Further maintenance savings are made by the weekly valve exercise function preventing valve sticking throughout the year, no more TRV call outs!

Building systems wise:

• eTRV+ can be used to enhance BMS systems – providing accurate temperature gauge and single room control. • It can be used with other energy initiatives which maintain the use of radiators to provide greater energy savings (e.g. biomass) • System balance is addressed through reducing the load across the system (e.g. If a room had previously felt cold, due to the last radiator on the circuit never quite heating up enough). • Lower demand for heating pumps, boilers and air-conditioning will reduce electricity, providing further carbon reduction • Chalmor can provide regular commissioning services to adjust to changing user requirements and ensure the system provides the best value and greatest energy savings. Chalmor MD Steven Henry notes “We are delighted to have reached the Innovation Gateway shortlist stage. The judging panel include a range of industry specialists and we are proud that they have recognized eTRV+’s potential for RBS. Projects like the Innovation Gateway provide a great opportunity for initial ideas, through to market ready innovations to gain recognition and credibility on a national scale”.   To find out more about eTRV+ click here.

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