Kevin Mcloud Attacks Green Deal Row

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1 May 2012

Kevin Mcloud Attacks Green Deal Row

Kevin Mcloud, celebrity green architect and TV presenter, has waded into the row over reports saying the government will scrap plans to link building regulations with the government’s energy efficiency programme, the Green Deal.

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The presenter for Grand Designs steered a green backlash against negative media coverage about proposals in the latest Building Regulations around ‘consequential improvements’ that has branded the changes as a ‘conservatory tax’ on extensions to people’s homes. The UK Green Building Council supported the presenter and accused the government of performing a u-turn and having ‘no backbone on green issues’. Earlier this week, it was broadly reported that the prime minister has stepped in to abandon plans in which homeowners would have to enhance the energy efficiency of their homes when they made significant building improvements. Using the Green Deal, these energy efficient changes were intended to be done at no upfront cost to households, with the tab for the energy efficiency works to be carried out by private companies and then recovered over time through resulting energy savings. Kevin Mcloud said: “Government’s plans to require homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their home when they build an extension are about as sensible as sensible gets, especially when the homeowner doesn’t have to pay for those improvements. Reading the recent coverage I began to wonder if there was a secret anti-insulation lobby rabidly bent on increasing our domestic fuel bills. Things came to a head with the confabulated notion of a ‘Conservatory Tax’.” He carried onto say: “First, under proposals, conservatories below 30 square metres in size are exempt. Second, common sense prevails in that if projected energy savings fall below the cost of improvements, the homeowner can legitimately refuse to carry them out. Third, the improvements will be eligible for generous Green Deal funding. The Green Deal saves you money. If that makes it a tax, let’s have more of them.” Chief executive of UKGBC, Paul King, said: “If these plans are to be scrapped as reports are suggesting, this is another u-turn that shows once and for all that a majority of ministers in this government have no backbone on green issues, even when they save people money, and are good for the economy.” He continued: “Government has a responsibility to look beyond the ludicrous media headlines. This policy would have helped protect ordinary people from soaring energy costs, as well as reduce carbon emissions to meet its own supposedly legally binding carbon budgets. It was also the best tool in the box for driving forward the Green Deal.” Consumers don’t have to wait for the Green Deal Scheme to take advantage of energy efficient heating products for their homes.  Controlling the cost of central heating by saving energy is a key issue tackled head on by our award winning eTRV.     This is an innovative, British-made eTRV that has the potential to save on gas or oil central heating costs by typically between 15% and 25%.   This product is ideal for retrofit and refurbishment projects and allows quick wins when it comes to carbon reduction for Green Deal installers. This clever invention created by heating controls specialists, Chalmor Limited, makes it easy for the central heating radiators in each room to be individually and very flexibly operated by using the eTRV’s neat, slim remote controlled handset.

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After four years in development and testing during which time eTRV won several awards, this energy-saving product is now available for use in homes and in commercial and public buildings. So Easy - Existing thermostatic radiator valves can be easily replaced by eTRV at home within minutes by simply unscrewing and replacing with eTRV.   If the property does not have thermostatic radiator valves then eTRV needs to be fitted professionally. Each radiator can be controlled not only individually, but in an extremely flexible way.   In the home, for example, the bathroom could be heated throughout the day but to a comfort temperature in the morning, a low temperature in the day and an economy temperature in the evening.   Similarly a sitting room could be heated just weekday evenings but all afternoon and evening at weekends.

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Room by room flexible control eTRV provides a cost effective alternative to the more traditional thermostatic radiator valves. Call us today on 01582 748 700 or email .  

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