Organisations - Reduce Carbon Footprint and Use Less Energy

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16 Sep 2011

Organisations - Reduce Carbon Footprint and Use Less Energy

Reducing energy consumption is about being focused – like turning off lights when you leave the office, carbon reduction is not just about expensive latest technology equipment. Often the easy wins are from things like new low energy lighting and intelligent eTRV.  As such technologies are installed they effect employee’s perception and they can be used to help change user behaviour. Organisations should encourage their staff to positively help save energy. By developing training for existing and new members of staff this will not only help save energy within the organisation, but will also hopefully spread to taking good practice home.

“In the public sector alone energy costs are on average £2.6 billion per year”

With hundreds of public and private sector organisations now signed up to the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) there are financial incentives for the public and private sector to reduce carbon footprint and use less energy. Recent analysis of all CRC participants found that while the public sector were promoting sustainability their efforts to reduce carbon and energy fell short of those in the private sector.

The question now has to be how do we bring all UK public and private sector organisations on board to update their building fabric, install energy saving equipment and to educate their staff to be energy saving champions?

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