Reduced Rate VAT with eTRV+ at Your University

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14 May 2014

Reduced Rate VAT with eTRV+ at Your University

etrv qualifies for reduced rate vat energy saving materialsWith summer refurbishment around the corner for Universities, now is a great time to invest in eTRV+ from Chalmor. eTRV+ is an energy saving upgrade for existing thermostatic radiator valves. With eTRV+ in place, you can accurately control heating temperature on a room by room basis, offering you the realistic potential to save 25%+ on your heating bill. But now, there is even more to shout about... eTRV+ qualifies for 5% reduced rate VAT when supplied and fitted by a VAT registered installer into an area that is being used for residential purposes – for example university student accommodation. This typically saves £10 on every unit that is installed. To enquire about an installation of eTRV+ into your residential area:

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