Reduced Rate VAT with eTRV!

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8 Feb 2012

Reduced Rate VAT with eTRV!

To encourage energy saving, the government has a discounted VAT scheme for energy saving building materials which includes eTRV if supplied and installed by a registered trade’s person (specific installation scenarios apply). These include Armed Forces Residential Properties, Children and Elderly Care Homes, Hospices and Education Residential Accommodation. Click here to see if your property portfolio is eligible. Imagine the fitting of your eTRV’s being paid for by the HMRC! Reduced rate VAT can now be acquired through eTRVs: • VAT is now 20% on eTRV products purchased from our distributors • VAT is only 5% if you ask your plumber or heating engineer to supply and fit the eTRV’s. Both the equipment and installation service qualify for the reduced rate of VAT at just 5%! Here’s how it works If you need 50 eTRV’s, the HMRC will effectively give you a £375 reduction which can be used towards the installation cost! Example 1 - ordered direct from eTRV distributors:
No of eTRV's Net £  VAT  Gross £  Total £
 50  £49.99  20%  £59.99  £2999.50
Example 2 - ordered through plumber or heating engineer:
 No of eTRV's Net £ VAT  Gross £ Total £ Net Installation £*  VAT Gross Installation £  TOTAL £
 50  £49.99  5%  £52.49  £2,624.50  £357.14  5%  £375.00  £2999.50
Installation Cost * – (based on 8.33 hours (£357.14) at 7 hour day rate of £300) All calculations assume your plumber or heating engineer is VAT registered Next Step Get in touch with your plumbing contractors and remember to give them our web site details – to place their order!   eTRV provides a cost effective alternative to the more traditional thermostatic radiator valves.  Call us today on 01582 748 700 or email
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