Students - Switched to the max this winter?

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24 May 2012

Students - Switched to the max this winter?

In 2011, Energy company E.ON has questioned 2,000 people on how hot their houses are.  People in the UK like to crank their heating up in the cold winter months, sometimes up to a shocking 27°C!

Those in the 25- to 34-year-old category were four times more likely than their parents’ generation to like this temperature.  So what about students living in shared houses and off campus rented accommodation?  With no parents around to nag them about heating bills, the bill payer often just forks out their contribution when the heating bill lands on the doormat.

Refurbed room with eTRV+ installed - energy saving heating at university.This is where the eTRV comes in!

With its integral push button and remote control handset, puts users in control of their heating, minimising waste and improving comfort, contributing to the effort to save energy in university.   Through programmable time and temperature control (3 programmes each eTRV) eTRV enables DIY zoning of central heating, controlling each radiator independently.

eTRVs remote control puts heating operation in the hands of the user

The bespoke designed remote control gives both domestic and commercial users the ability to interact and take control of their heating in either the home or workplace which leads to considerable energy savings and improved comfort.

eTRVs provides zoned control of heating, and is the perfect way to have energy saving heating at university

eTRV gives householders realistic potential for 25% energy savings and provides a cost effective alternative to the more traditional thermostatic radiator valves.

If you have just had the winter heating bill land on your doorstep, call us today on 01582 748 700 or email  and find out how you can keep them warm for less!  eTRV – Give your heating some time off.

It’s not just great for off-campus student houses, the eTRV has proved hugely successful in University Halls of Residence. A recent trial at Bristol University’s student halls of residence has led to savings of around 30% on heating costs, according to the University’s Sustainability Manager (Energy), Chris Jones.   The eTRVs were part of a refurbishment of the 53-room building, The Hawthorns and the first trial installation of eTRVs has already been proved to save around 30% of heating costs.  This saving is paying for the cost of the eTRVs within the first year of operation. Chris Jones  said:
“The eTRVs are programmed to come on in the morning and evenings in our student accommodation, while being set to ECO during the day and to FROST at night.  If students return early from lectures to find their rooms a little cold, they can press the push button on the front of eTRV to gain an hour of extra heat.” He adds, “The University of Bristol wishes to provide a comfortable environment while also making the lowest carbon impact. The combination of gas fired heating and the controllability afforded by the eTRV is helping us to achieve this goal.”
Steven Henry, MD of Chalmor said:
“In student accommodation we have had success by using eTRV to control heating “on demand” and not using the pre-set programmes.  This means keeping the heating at a set-back/stand by level until a higher level of heating is required.  The student simply presses the button on the eTRV and gets the pre-set level of heating for the pre-set time period – say 60 minutes before reverting back to the standby temperature.  The University of Bristol monitored 30% savings by using this approach”.
eTRV provides a cost effective alternative to the more traditional thermostatic radiator valves.   Make savings from now, call now on 01582 748 700 or email .

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