The RBS Story Continues - Our smart radiator trial installed

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30 Mar 2015

The RBS Story Continues - Our smart radiator trial installed

Chalmor RBS Innovation Gateway eTRV+ Smart Radiator Valve TrialIn April 2014, RBS developed the RBS Innovation Gateway, inviting innovators across the UK to pitch energy saving technologies for trial and if successful, eventual roll out across their 2,500 building estate. Current technology and processes have enabled RBS to cut their energy by 25%, the Innovation Gateway was developed to help them tackle the next 75%. In November 2014, eTRV+, our smart radiator valve heating solution, was selected as one of 10 market ready innovations for trial on the RBS estate.  This month, eTRV+ was installed at Headrow Court, a five storey office building in Leeds. eTRV+ can reduce energy bills by up to 30% and with bills running into tens of millions of pounds each year, savings of up to one third could play a significant part in helping RBS achieve the next 75% of their resource efficiency challenge.

Smart Radiator Installation

Chalmor eTRV+smart radiator energy saving rbseTRV+ is quick and easy to retrofit, requiring no wiring, system bleed or costly downtime.  126 were fitted throughout Headrow Court over a two-day period, during normal office hours.  PAIR occupancy sensors and timers were installed in meeting rooms to ensure they are heated only when in use. The installation immediately revealed that some radiators were not working correctly. website loading speed test As a result of the upgrade, the majority are now operational and all areas are being properly heated.  Any further work will be scheduled into planned maintenance over the summer non-heating period. To support the installation, we have provided training for the Carillion Engineers responsible for running the building, including how to adjust temperature settings and how to use eTRV+ to assist with fault finding.

The Opportunity

Headrow Court is heated seven days a week for 15 hours per day, between 6am and 9pm. Business occupation is from Monday – Saturday from 8am to 8pm, with mainly only floors 2 and 3 occupied after 5pm. Using eTRV+ gives RBS the opportunity to either minimise or switch off the heating for one day per week.  The heating programme could be reduced to start at 7am and heat until 5pm, then only heating levels 2 and 3 until 8pm.  This would reduce heating time by one third across 3 out of 5 levels.  The PAIR occupancy sensors and timers will provide enhanced energy savings in intermittently used meeting rooms. Staff reported overheating, so temperature settings have already been reduced. We plan a revisit to ensure temperatures are set to maximise comfort and prevent overheating (and the resulting battle between heating and air conditioning).

The Next Steps

RBS and Carillion eTRV+ Smart Radiator Valve ProjectThe investment has been made in equipment, now we need to engage with all stakeholders to turn the opportunities into real energy savings. John Hayes, Head of Workplace Services at RBS commented “Great to see the new eTRV+ radiator valves in from Chalmor. Useful day on Wednesday seeing how they work and I can see additional benefits – aside from energy consumption - through maintenance as the valves run a weekly open/ closed cycle to reduce sticking, but also helping us better manage too hot/ too cold calls from occupants as eTRV+ gives us a local air temperature reading.... so far, very impressed!” After fine tuning the technology, we plan to engage with the staff to develop understanding of how eTRV+ works and explain the benefits, both in terms of a more comfortable environment and for energy and cost saving.  In addition, we will be analysing the before and after eTRV+ data to see how much energy we are saving RBS – watch this space for the results! Download Installation Case Study as PDF share via Facebook Share on Facebook Share by email

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