Video: Top tips for energy saving in commercial buildings!

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19 May 2015

Video: Top tips for energy saving in commercial buildings!

Top tips for energy saving in commercial buildings AND why eTRV+ is perfect!

5 Reasons Why1. Monitor:  Measure energy use and use the data to identify inefficiencies, calculate targets and quantify savings from energy initiatives.  BRE offers advice for commercial buildings, with discounts for ESTA members, here.

2. Buy in: Get building users involved from the start to provide insight into inefficiencies and gain buy in for new projects and technologies. Check out our blog and university student accommodation case study for tips.

3. Lighting Control:  Research by the Carbon Trust has found that adding controls and sensors to your lighting can cut energy use by up to 40%.  4. Heating Control: Using eTRV+, our smart radiator control has been proven to cut energy by up to 30% in commercial buildings.  Check out our new Stop Motion Animation Video: 5 reasons why eTRV+ is perfect for commercial buildings! 5. Commissioning, commissioning, commissioning!  Many systems are only commissioned on installation. We recommend additional commissioning after a bedding in period and annual commissioning to ensure the whole system is working correctly and provide adjustments to suit changes in building use.    Chalmor have over 30 years of experience in providing energy saving heating and lighting solutions - combining new technology with innovative use of controls and sensors to provide systems that are area appropriate, cost effective and energy efficient.  To find out more, contact us today on 01582 748700. share via Facebook Share on Facebook Share by email

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