Why Heating Should Be Controlled in Commercial Buildings

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30 Sep 2015

Why Heating Should Be Controlled in Commercial Buildings

Traditional TRVWith businesses facing harsher energy reduction and compliance targets (see our post all about ESOS) and energy prices still on the rise, all organisations should be looking at opportunities for energy saving wherever possible. Saving energy is great for the planet, can save big money, and engages staff in energy issues.

Why heating?

Heating and hot water accounts for roughly 60% of overall energy spend for businesses and homes. A huge proportion of this is wasted due to inadequate or no controls, as well as a lack of understanding of systems that may already be in place. As well, in commercial buildings such as offices, heating is often one of the most common causes of dispute among staff. Individual preferences mean that some members of staff will prefer higher office temperatures where others will prefer cooler office temperatures, sometimes leading to heat waste and unproductive working environments. Recently on our Linkedin Group dedicated to starting discussions on energy saving through heating controls, we shared a short guide all about why heating should be controlled locally in commercial buildings and how to do it. Chalmor have helped many different organisations save big money on their heating bills through installing our room by room heating control device, eTRV+ smart radiator valve. Retrofitting directly onto radiators, eTRV+ has seen savings of 30% in commercial environments. Click here to read how we saved DWP money on their energy bills and electricity bills. Or, for more information on eTRV+, visit this link. What other areas provide businesses with opportunities for energy savings? Is there something more important than heating? Let us know and join the discussion Need more help? Contact the team Share on Facebook

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