Empowering Education - LED lighting and controls project in schools for a leading MAT

Transforming Academies with Sustainable Lighting Solutions

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19 Apr 2024

Empowering Education - LED lighting and controls project in schools for a leading MAT

Transforming Academies with Sustainable Lighting Solutions

Join the journey of a leading Multi Academy Trust (MAT) as they embark on a comprehensive lighting efficiency program, dedicated to enhancing sustainability, improving energy efficiency, and reducing operational costs across their academies.

Setting the Stage

Recognising electricity's significant role in energy consumption, cost, and carbon emissions, the MAT initiated a Lighting Efficiency Programme aimed at optimising energy usage and reducing environmental impact.

Objectives and Milestones

The program's core objectives were to optimise energy consumption, minimise carbon footprint, and streamline operational efficiency. Through a strategic LED upgrade coupled with energy-saving controls, the trust reaffirmed its commitment to environmental stewardship.

Measurable Impact

The Lighting Upgrade Programme yielded impressive results:

Energy Saved: 264,290 kW

Reduction in Electricity Consumption: 10.5%

Emissions Saved: 51 Tonnes Carbon Equivalent

Beyond Numbers: Enhancing Learning Environments

Beyond the metrics, the project significantly enhanced the quality of light output, fostering better learning environments across the academies. Furthermore, the longevity of LED lights translated to reduced maintenance costs, further enhancing operational efficiency.

Key Energy Efficiency Initiatives

1. LED Upgrades: Over 5000 lights transitioned to LED technology, leveraging existing fixtures where possible while replacing others with new LED fittings. Responsible disposal and recycling of obsolete equipment were ensured in compliance with regulations.

2. Intelligent Lighting Controls: Advanced controls were strategically deployed to maximise energy savings. Automatic sensors were installed in intermittently occupied areas to switch off lights, supplemented by manual activation to curb unnecessary energy consumption. Daylight controls optimised lighting levels based on natural light availability.

Navigating Challenges

The project encountered logistical hurdles, particularly in minimising disruption. To mitigate this, installations were scheduled during breaks, reducing any disruption while ensuring efficient resource utilisation. Innovative workforce management strategies expedited project completion.

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Join us in illuminating the path to a sustainable future for education. Together, let's empower learning environments while reducing our environmental footprint.

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