Addenbrookes Hospital Lighting saves £6000 pa

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21 Sep 2017

Addenbrookes Hospital Lighting saves £6000 pa

Addenbrookes undertook a hospital lighting upgrade project with ChalmorAddenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge has significantly reduced its energy consumption and carbon footprint by upgrading over 1000 existing lighting fittings using Chalmor’s EasiFit T5 kit. As well as fast payback, a key factor in the choice of Chalmor was that this was the only conversion product on the market with EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) compliance – an important consideration in hospitals. The EasiFit T5 kit enables fluorescent fittings using T12 or T8 tubes to be quickly converted to high efficiency T5 fluorescent light sources. In the Rosie Maternity Hospital, for example, 5ft T12 fittings in corridors were converted to 4ft T5 fittings, stripping out the existing control gear and using the EasiFit’s integral gear as this proved to be more efficient. In this way, there were reductions in installed electrical load and running costs while maintaining a comparable light output. “The conversion in the Rosie is expected to save around £6,000 a year, giving a payback of 1.2 years, and there are additional savings on maintenance costs because of the longer lamp life, explained Maintenance Manager Ian Jackson. “In the medical records area, where T8 lamps were converted, we expect to see a payback within 1.8 years,” he added. The project was part-funded through a grant from Salix, an independent company funded by the Carbon Trust to help public sector organisations invest in energy efficiency. Chalmor worked closely with the hospital to provide the necessary information to obtain the grant. “The project has been a great success, the new fittings have proved to be very reliable and we’re very pleased with the results,” the hospital spokesman concluded. Click to Download as PDF share via Facebook Share on Facebook
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