Alara Wholefoods Lighting & Controls

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21 Sep 2017

Alara Wholefoods Lighting & Controls

A Wholefoods company has reduced its energy consumption and carbon emissions with the help of innovative lighting and control solutions from Chalmor, with a predicted payback of less than two years.chalmor provides high energy savings in food production facilities Alara Wholefoods is a leading muesli manufacturer that has set itself a goal of achieving carbon-neutrality by 2010. An important element in the company’s strategy was to increase the energy efficiency of its lighting at its London manufacturing facility. To achieve this, Chalmor proposed replacing the existing T8 fluorescent lighting in most areas of the building with higher efficiency T5 lighting, using the company’s EasiFit T5 conversion kit. In addition, high output Brilliance fittings have replaced three high pressure sodium (SON) fittings in the loading bay area, to increase the quality of the lighting as well as reduce energy consumption. Chalmor has also supplied Uni-L controllers to provide occupancy and daylight control of the lighting in offices, changing rooms and toilet areas and the loading bay. EasiFit T5 takes less than five minutes to install and includes a T5 lamp, connectors with integral high frequency control gear and a bridge that replaces the starter and bypasses the old gear. Consequently, Alara has been able to initiate a phased replacement using its in-house maintenance staff and reduce its lighting energy consumption by around 50%. Brilliance is a high efficiency, high output fitting which uses long-life T5 light sources so that the lamps will last around 24,000 hours before replacement. This makes them ideal for areas where access for re-lamping may be difficult or disruptive, such as Alara’s loading bay. Replacement of the SON lamps, which have very limited control capabilities because of their extended warm-up time. has also enabled Alara to introduce combined occupancy and daylight control to the loading bay area. share via Facebook Share on Facebook
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