Are your vending machines running away with your energy bills?

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31 May 2019

Are your vending machines running away with your energy bills?

As part of a lighting project at a local sports hall Chalmor suggested control of a drinks vending machine that was previously left running overnight using WeM&T. The beauty of WeM&T is that it provides control as well as an instant readout of power consumption. Two types of vending machine were controlled - for cold drinks and for snacks. For the trial WeM&T was left running for a week in monitoring mode without time control. As can be seen from the graphs below the cold drinks machine achieved a 65% saving and the snacks machine a 51% saving. The controls have been in operation now for well over 12 months without any report of problems. Indeed the figures achieved far exceeded the leisure centre's expectations. The beauty of WeControls is that they provide a low cost flexible way of controlling AND monitoring appliances and other electrical items. Further, the plug-in controls can simply be moved around for complete flexibility too. As WeControls are IoT (Internet of Things) it means that you can view and control everything on your PC or tablet or smart phone.   Click HERE for full article

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