BA Concorde Club Energy Efficient Lighting

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21 Sep 2017

BA Concorde Club Energy Efficient Lighting

Chalmor installs high lux, energy efficient lighting and saves BA Clubs £2,750 per year!

Chalmor Ltd helped the BA Clubs achieve high light efficiency at their Sports & Leisure Facility, The "Concorde Club" in their six Squash Courts and Sports Hall Complex near Cranford, Heathrow. Prior to installation the running costs were £3,969 per year and the total lighting load was 13.5KW, after the installation the lighting load was reduced to 5.5KW with a running cost of just £1,217, reducing the costs by two thirds. The saving from the installation was £2,750 per year! Leisure Centre Lighting Energy EfficinecyThe light levels prior to the project were measured between 150 lux and 270 lux. The aim of the project was to achieve an average 500 lux light with good uniformity levels across the walls and floors. In achieving this aim, 4 fittings of 150 light fittings were installed. Endurance light installations were ideal for the squash courts at the Concorde Club, as its a fit and forget solution where there is no maintenance cost and has a long operational life, with an estimated minimum of a 7 year lifespan without the need to change a single lamp even at a running time of 24 hours a day. Lighting in each court switches on automatically when activity is detected, controlled by Blue Wave Occupancy Sensors with approximately 10 minute run time so when no movement is detected the lights will switch off automatically, this time delay prevents unnecessary switching between adjacent lettings. The Lighting design also embedded occupancy heating controls where both lighting and heating are controlled simultaneously to save money. Toghether Endurance Lighting and Blue Wave Occupancy Sensors have helped BA Clubs enhance their lighting performance while ensuring energy efficiency. Click to Download as PDF share via Facebook Share on Facebook
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