Chalmor Saving Energy on Inefficient Tea Boiler Water Heaters

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21 Sep 2017

Chalmor Saving Energy on Inefficient Tea Boiler Water Heaters

Tea BoilerOften found in school staff rooms and workplace kitchens 'tea boilers' or storage water heaters are wall-mounted containers providing hot water on demand. They are extremely convenient, but can consume a lot of energy if they are left on continuously. The Chalmor MoveMaster retrofits directly to tea boilers. It combines a timer to automate water heating with an occupancy sensor to switch the heating on or off on a needs basis. This dramatically reduces energy consumption. The following data was obtained from a monitoring exercise in a public sector office building, which summarises kWh consumption per week:
  • A typical week consumed 25.5 kWh
  • Using the MoveMaster reduces consumption to 14.5 kWh, a saving of 11 kWh per week, or 43%
  • This will reduce electricity bills by upwards of £70 per boiler per annum, providing return on investment within a year and the potential for huge savings across a large estate.
A fully automated system, savings are made not only on weekends, but also during the week when the office is busy, but not the tea boiler. MoveMaster is quick to install, low maintenance, extremely reliable and easy to replicate across your estate. Click to Download as PDF share via Facebook Share on Facebook Need more help?

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