Coldstore lighting

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22 Sep 2017

Coldstore lighting

Chalmor experts in Energy Efficient Coldstore lighting

Chalmor’s Cold Storage lighting team have a wealth of experience in assisting companies to achieve optimum lighting performance, while delivering cost savings to meet specified payback criteria. Whether you are building a new facility or looking to upgrade your present system, but are confused which route to take, we are here to help you. From our first telephone conversation our Sector Manager will help you to choose the most appropriate system for your building. Our Sector Manager’s are qualified lighting designers and will design a scheme to suit your unique environment that will give you an excellent return on investment, and lowest life costs, we will focus on energy savings, reduced maintenance and will improve the working environment for your employees.DSCF5164 We will also assist with funding solutions; help apply for grants, Carbon Trust loans or sources of funding. Chalmor's award winning LifeSaver pay as you save scheme offers guaranteed positive cash-flow requires no capital outlay and ensures your system delivers optimum energy savings.
  • Improved light levels and colour rendering
  • Reduced electricity bills
  • Improved carbon footprint
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Instant strike – instant light with excellent luminance
  • Reduced demand on cooling plant

Cold store lighting– Cost savings and controllability

Are you looking to improve your current cold store lighting? If you are concerned with the number of lamp failures, cost of maintenance and insurance risk we can help. If you are concerned with the general poor efficiency of your lighting, the fact that the lamps are burning at high temperatures placing increased demand on cooling plant and if you are confounded by how difficult it is to control these lights we can help. We will guarantee to reduce your operational costs and contamination/insurance risks; the electricity spend per annum will be dramatically reduced and help deliver a quick payback. There are now a number of excellent lighting and control products designed specifically for your working environment which offer improved light levels, reduced maintenance and excellent energy savings; these include induction lighting, LED lighting, advanced amalgam and thermo fluorescents. By introducing energy saving lighting with instant strike capabilities, it is possible to maximise carbon savings further by linking fittings to occupancy detection. Lighting can be intelligently controlled to ensure health and safety is considered at all times to minimise risk for employees.
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