DWP Quarry House LED Lighting & Sensors

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21 Sep 2017

DWP Quarry House LED Lighting & Sensors

Quarry House, a Department of Health (DH) and Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) building, is one of the largest buildings in Leeds and dominates the city skyline. At 35000m2, the building includes general office space, sports and fitness facilities, plant rooms and break out areas. Chalmor undertook multiple projects within Quarry House, including design, supply and commissioning of LED fittings for all staff stairwells. The 2D fittings (28W each, plus circuit watts for the conventional magnetic control gear) left running constantly would cost £4,585 per year to run. The new system, using Chalmor’s Variance LED replacement fittings, incorporates microwave sensing to dim lighting when nobody is present. At just 21W each when on full output, they are expected to be dimmed 80% of the time to 10% output, therefore reducing running costs by £415 per year. The resident engineers, GSH, were scheduled to install at night to prevent disruption. Chalmor visited to brief on the installation process, setting procedure and correct testing and setting to work of the new system. The new lighting output was so good, that it was suggested that the existing fluorescent tube lighting on each landing could also be removed.qh The stairwell has small windows allowing daylight in, so Chalmor visited at night to assess light levels. The decision was made to keep the original design in order to achieve the CIBSE recommended light levels to end of life, when output from LED’s could reduce by 30% (known as L70). As well, we added PIR sensors into the Quarry House car park, which allowed car park lighting to turn on when occupancy is detected. This is demonstrated in this video. The stairwell already had LED lighting for emergency use, completed under another initiative. However, the Chalmor Variance LED can also include integral emergency packs, preventing the need for separate emergency lighting. For some fittings, this can self-test, reducing the requirement for regular testing of the emergency lighting. The fast acting microwave sensors have proven to be operationally excellent with a high level of sensitivity and quick response from dim to full output. The DH and DWP now have a low maintenance, assured lighting system for their emergency escape routes. Plus unlit stairwells provide a visible message of energy efficiency to stakeholders and the passing public. Click to Download as PDF share via Facebook Share on Facebook
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