Energy Saving Lighting at Shipbuilding Facilities

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22 Sep 2017

Energy Saving Lighting at Shipbuilding Facilities

Our lighting at shipbuilding facilitiesLighting at shipbuilding facilities in Hampshire has been greatly improved by the installation of long-life, energy efficient Brilliance fittings from Chalmor. Energy and maintenance savings achieved are expected to provide a payback of a little over a year. Brilliance fittings have been installed in a new 4000m2 extension to production hall B and have replaced existing fittings in the 11,900m2 steel production hall. In the steel production hall, 185 x 400W SON (high pressure sodium) fittings have been replaced, on a point for point basis, by 4 x 54W Brilliance fittings, reducing the installed electrical load by around 50%, with an increase in lighting levels of 25%. Maintenance requirements are also reduced as the Brilliance fittings provide a useful life of at least 24,000 hours, which is 2-3 times longer than SON light sources. As a result, total annual savings on cost of ownership are predicted to be 60% with a payback of 13 months. Hall B is currently lit using 1000W SON fittings and the original proposal for the new extension was to use 1000W metal halide fittings. Instead, the client has opted for 6 x 80W Brilliance fittings mounted at a height of around 40m, reducing the lighting load considerably with projected savings of over 50% on lighting, including maintenance costs. These fittings use special long-life lamps with a life of 48,000 hours and the payback for this area is predicted to be 14 months. “We have been delighted with the results and received very positive feedback from staff about the quality of the lighting,” said the company's representative. “We see this as the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship with Chalmor as we roll out lighting improvements to other areas in the future,” they added. share via Facebook Share on Facebook
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