Everards Brewery Lighting Cuts Carbon

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21 Sep 2017

Everards Brewery Lighting Cuts Carbon

Everards Brewery Lighting Cuts Carbon and saves £15,000 per year

A lighting upgrade project, designed by Chalmor, has helped Everards Brewery to reduce its carbon footprint and save around £15,000 per annum on lighting costs at its facility in Leicestershire. The project involved replacing existing lighting and introducing Chalmor lighting controls to minimise energy wastage, taking account of activities within the building to provide the most cost-effective solution. The brewery has a strong commitment to combining traditional values and practices with innovation and modern teEverards Brewery Lighting Cuts Carbonchnology, and has embarked on a range of measures to minimise environmental impact. “Upgrading the lighting was one of a number of energy-saving initiatives we have implemented recently. It has brought significant additional benefits in terms of health and safety and improving the working environment for our workforce, as well as facilitating more accurate picking and reducing maintenance costs,” explained Steve Bassington, Everard Brewery Engineering & Compliance Manager. The project encompassed a large warehouse divided into two areas, a draught beer cellar a loading dock and a garage area. The warehouse and cellar areas were formerly lit by 250W high pressure sodium (SON) light fittings, while the loading dock and garage were using elderly T12 fluorescent lighting. In the warehouse and cellar areas Chalmor’s Brilliance 3 x 54W T5 fluorescent fittings were installed on a point-for-point basis, while in the garage multi-wattage Brilliance fittings have been used, each fitted with 2 x 28W and 1 x 54W lamps. In the loading dock the Chalmor design has used Resilience 2 x 35W IP65 T5 fittings. The Resilience fittings in the loading dock are zoned into three rows, each controlled separately through an Uni-L 6-channel lighting controller. This enabled the lighting to be switched off row by row, in relation to the penetration of natural daylight into the space, with the row closest to the outside being switched off first. In addition, the Uni-L controller also provided timer control to ensure lighting is not on when not needed. Chalmor also analysed the shift patterns in the various spaces and determined that additional lighting control would not offer significant energy savings over and above those achieved by the more efficient lighting. In addition to reducing its energy consumption and creating a brighter and more pleasant working environment, the brewery will benefit from lower maintenance requirements as re-lamping cycles have been extended from two years to six years. This will also reduce the cost of lamp disposal in compliance with the WEEE Directive over the life of the lighting system.

“We selected Chalmor because of the quality of their products and the guarantees they offer. And we enjoyed excellent support throughout the project” Steve concluded.

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