Holmer Green School Lighting

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22 Sep 2017

Holmer Green School Lighting

Lighting Management Scheme Delivers More

Upgrading of lighting, following an energy assessment by Chalmor, has enabled Holmer Green Senior School in Buckinghamshire to reduce electricity and maintenance costs by over £4000 per annum, and to bring the school’s electrical load back to within its maximum demand limit. Holmer Green Senior School caters for approximately 900 students and 70 staff – as well as providing sports and meeting facilities for the local community. Initially, Chalmor was asked by the Local Authority to assess the energy performance of the sports hall, and carried out an analysis of the previous year’s costs; comprising electricity, lamps and spares and the hire of access equipment by the maintenance contractors. This showed that immediate savings of nearly £2000 per annum could be made by the installation of Chalmor’s maintenance-free Endurance light fittings in the sports hall alone. Holmer Green | Energy Efficient Lighting for Schools | ChalmorSubsequently, Chalmor carried out a full assessment of the school’s lighting and identified the potential for savings in the main hall, dining area and corridors as well. The total projected savings amounted to over £4000 per annum. The energy audit also showed that, unknown to the school, it was already exceeding its maximum electrical demand limits – making remedial measures essential. The savings projected for the new lighting systems could reduce demand by as much as 20 per cent at peak load, providing a comfortable margin between peak load and maximum demand limits. The high energy efficiency of Chalmor’s Endurance fittings enabled the school to cuts its installed electrical load in these four areas alone by nearly 75%, from 41kW to 12.75kW, while also improving the quality of the lighting. This is providing savings of nearly £2200 a year in electricity costs. In addition, by using the latest induction lamp technology, Endurance gives a lamp life of 60,000 hours, equivalent to 20 years life when used for 10 hours a day. As a result, they require no maintenance for the expected life of the fittings, enabling the school to reduce maintenance costs by over £2000 a year, while also improving health and safety by reducing work carried out at high level. At the beginning of this project the head teacher had hoped to improve lighting levels in one area only. By working closely with the Local Authority and Chalmor, however, Holmer Green has achieved improved and more flexible lighting, raised health and safety standards, reduced energy and maintenance costs, and created a wider cushion between actual consumption and its maximum demand limit. share via Facebook Share on Facebook
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