National Dairy Lighting Project

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21 Sep 2017

National Dairy Lighting Project

Wiseman Dairy Milk Processing Facility Lighting

Energy efficiency and overall cost of ownership were key considerations in the design of a new £68m production site in Somerset for Robert Wiseman Dairies. Consequently, consulting engineers AE Robb & Associates specified Chalmor’s long life, energy efficient Endurance fittings for lighting in the CIP (Cleaning In Production) room. Milk Processing Facility lighting through Chalmor EnduranceRobert Wiseman Dairy processes and delivers milk to customers throughout Great Britain, operating from a nationwide network of major processing centres. The new site in Bridgewater, Somerset is the company’s sixth such centre. As a result of using Endurance fittings, the Dairy achieved around 50% energy savings in the CIP, compared to the high pressure sodium fittings that were considered as an alternative, while also halving the installed lighting electrical load. The company is also able to greatly extend its re-lamping schedules to reduce disruption and maintenance costs. Endurance fittings last 60,000 hours before the light sources need to be replaced - around five times as long as sodium lamps. This will equate to approximately 7 years, based on anticipated running hours, before re-lamping is required. This factor was particularly important as the machinery in the room makes access to light fittings difficult and disruptive - so the company will benefit from considerable savings in ongoing maintenance. Fifteen flush-mounted, 150W, IP65-rated Endurance fittings have been fitted in the 8m high space, providing a white light that displays colours accurately and creates a bright and cheerful working environment. This light output will remain consistent from the initial installation, whereas sodium lamps degrade by as much as 30% in the first year and continue to deteriorate through the rest of their life. Use of IP65-rated fittings eliminates the risk of contamination of food preparation areas, while the flush-mounting of the fittings prevents any build up of dust. share via Facebook Share on Facebook
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