Oxfam Warehouse Low Maintenance Lighting

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22 Sep 2017

Oxfam Warehouse Low Maintenance Lighting

low energy warehouse lighting projectA warehouse lighting project to upgrade existing T12 fluorescent light fittings using Chalmor’s ReNew T5 upgrade solution, linked to BlueWave lighting controllers, at Oxfam’s 2,000 m2 central distribution centre is projected to save over £1,400 per annum on lighting costs to give a rapid return on investment. As a result, Oxfam is now able to direct more donated money to its front line activities. “The existing lighting was inefficient and the only control was a central on/off switch which was inconvenient to use, so the lighting was frequently left on irrespective of daylight levels through the rooflights or whether the warehouse was unoccupied,” recalled Oxfam’s Supply Project Manager, Helen Moore “As the building is 7m high at the apex, replacing lamps was also time-consuming and expensive” Helen added. Chalmor’s ReNew T5 provides a truly engineered solution that only re-uses the body of the old fitting. Lamps, lamp holders and control gear are all brand new – to ensure ‘as new’ performance backed by a 5 year warranty. The existing 66 T12 fittings, each with an installed load of 125W including ballast losses, were replaced on a point-for-point basis with ReNew T5 2 x 54W fittings and linked to a BlueWave controller to provide occupancy and daylight control. As well as reducing the installed electrical load and providing lighting with better colour rendering, the combination of longer life lamps (24,000 hours) and controls to minimise running hours will greatly reduce maintenance costs. Based on eight hours usage a day, the re-lamping cycle is expected to extend from the previous 3.8 years to 36.9 years. This will also reduce the cost of lamp disposal in compliance with the WEEE Directive, thus reducing Oxfam’s overheads even further. share via Facebook Share on Facebook
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