Settle College Classroom Lighting

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22 Sep 2017

Settle College Classroom Lighting

Settle College recieved a classroom lighting project from ChalmorA design by Chalmor to upgrade lighting in the design and technology block at Settle College in North Yorkshire is projected to reduce operational costs by 59% and carbon emissions by 55%. The innovative design involved a combination of upgrading some existing light fittings and replacing others, as well as improving lighting control, to deliver the most cost-effective solution for the College. The energy-saving project encompassed three classrooms, a design workshop and an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) room. These areas were using a mixture of T12 and T8 fluorescent light sources, with manual switching. Using Chalmor’s EasiFit T5 product the existing classroom T8 fluorescent fittings were upgraded to high efficiency T5 fluorescent lighting and control gear at the lowest possible cost. In the ICT room, the older fittings were replaced with Chalmor’s recently launched Ambience modular recessed T5 fluorescent fittings to provide higher levels of glare-free lighting, while T8 batten fittings in the workshop were also replaced with T5 lighting. In addition, the lighting has been linked to BlueWave controllers to control lighting in relation to occupancy and daylight levels, with manual override for users to adjust the lighting if required. Overall, the installed electrical load has been reduced by 37%, while the higher efficiency lighting and enhanced control will reduce electricity consumption by around 56%. In addition, the College benefits from improved lighting levels and reduced maintenance costs as the new T5 lamps should last for over 15 years, compared to the original fittings sub four year lifespan . “We have been pleased with the Chalmor design and products, and the work carried out by the electrical contractors,” said a College representative and added “The quality of the lighting has been improved and we have also reduced our energy consumption and carbon footprint.” share via Facebook Share on Facebook
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