Silver Spoon Distribution Fast Payback Lighting

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21 Sep 2017

Silver Spoon Distribution Fast Payback Lighting

Fast Payback lighting at Silver SpoonEnergy Efficiency and Fast Payback Lighting for Sugar Manufacturer

Energy efficient lighting systems, designed by Chalmor and featuring Resilience and Brilliance light fittings and AutoLux controllers, are helping The Silver Spoon Company, to reduce the carbon footprint of its production and distribution facility in Newark. Savings on lighting in the loading bay area are projected to give a return on investment of just 8 months, while upgraded lighting in a mezzanine production area has a predicted payback of 18 months. Silver Spoon has invested around £1bn in reducing its environmental impact over the last 20 years and continues to look for further improvements. “We have implemented a wide range of energy-saving measures and it was clear that the lighting in the loading bay and the mezzanine production area could be improved – in terms of both efficiency and lighting quality,” explained Silver Spoon Engineering Manager Dave Hollingworth. “Chalmor worked with us throughout to facilitate a smooth project and since completion we’ve had very positive feedback from people working in these spaces,” Dave added The loading bay was originally lit by a mixture of T8 and T12 fluorescent lighting, with 80 fittings in all. These have been replaced by 42 IP65-rated Resilience fittings, each with a single 54W T5 fluorescent tube, reducing the installed electrical load from 12.4kW to 2.27kW. Arranged in six rows of seven fittings, the first three rows of Resilience fittings are linked to an AutoLux controller to provide daylight control. As the outer perimeter of the loading bay experiences high levels of natural daylight, it is anticipated this will reduce the electricity consumption of those 21 fittings by around 40%. Fast Payback lighting at Silver Spoon Distribution CentreOn the mezzanine production area 11 400W high pressure sodium fittings have been replaced with 10 4 x 54W Brilliance T5 fittings, reducing the installed load from 5.28 to 2.16kW (including ballast losses), while greatly improving the lighting levels. In both areas the manufacturuer will also benefit from reduced maintenance costs as the T5 lamps used in both the Resilience and Brilliance fittings offer an average lamp life of 24,000 hours, maintaining 90% of light output for the first 20,000 hours. Those Resilience fittings linked to the AutoLux controller will offer even longer life as a result of the reduced running hours. Both Resilience and Brilliance fittings have been optimised for use with T5 light sources to ensure a high light output and excellent light distribution. Download as PDF share via Facebook Share on Facebook
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