Smart Radiator Control Installed at RBS Headrow Court in Leeds

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31 Mar 2016

Smart Radiator Control Installed at RBS Headrow Court in Leeds

eTRV+ smart radiator valve picked as RBS Innovation Gateway WinnerRBS launched their Innovation Gateway in 2014 which aimed to help the bank cut their energy usage. Technology and processes that were already in place at the time had enabled RBS to cut their energy by 25% with the Innovation Gateway developed to help them tackle the next 75%. eTRV+ was chosen as an RBS Innovation Gateway winner, and is now successfully controlling heating at RBS’ Headrow Court offices in Leeds. Heating at Headrow Court is now controlled with our smart radiator valve in zones of offices, meetings rooms, WCs and corridors. Each radiator has temperature settings that allow RBS to maximise savings, for example office areas are set to 20°C with the option to boost heating to 22°C for an hour, should members of staff start to feel cold during the day. In the meeting rooms, eTRV+ is used with a PAIR occupancy timer - providing heating to 20°C when the area is occupied and set back to 19°C an hour after the area is vacated. RBS Innovation GatewayMonitoring of the enhanced zone control revealed an opportunity to fine tune the existing BMS commissioning. Some floors are heated 6 days a week during office opening hours, while others are heated 7 days a week in call centres. The eTRV+ system allows for each area on a floor to be heated according to need, to the right temperature at the right time. "eTRV+ proved its merit in the ability to independently schedule and control heating in different floors." - David Derbyshire, Energy Manager at Carillion Click here to watch a video about Chalmor’s installation of eTRV+ at Headrow Court Download as PDF
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