University of Bedfordshire Energy Saving Lighting

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22 Sep 2017

University of Bedfordshire Energy Saving Lighting

An example of what our energy saving lighting in your university could look like!Chalmor wins the Recycling Award at the EMILAS Awards 2010

In an award-winning project, Chalmor has supplied its ReFit T5 system which included OSRAM multi-wattage electronic control gear and GE WattMiser T5 lamps to help the University of Bedfordshire reduce the installed electrical load in 8 blocks at its Bedford campus by 45%. As a result of these major savings, the project was submitted in the Indoor Workplace category of the 2010 EMILAS awards (Energy Management and Innovation in Lighting Award Scheme). The judges were quick to identify the projects comprehensive recycling strategy and awarded the scheme the overall winner in the Recycling Award 2010 which was judged across all 6 EMILAS award categories, and sponsored by Lumicom and RecoLight. Chalmor, a member of Lumicom, project managed the scheme and arranged all on site recycling. Lamp coffins were delivered to site for lamp recycling and a large skip was located at the campus for recycling of all metalwork. Lamp recycling was arranged by RecoLight and metal recycling by EMR. Copies of all licenses for contractors were provided to the University. Chalmor was awarded ISO14001 status in 2010 and therefore all recycling is externally audited. A total of 1,238 light fittings have been upgraded in 8 blocks of the campus. Some areas already had occupancy detection and suitable lighting was selected to suit control. The University took a long term view and the majority of fittings were replaced with new T5 light fittings. Suitable fittings were converted using Chalmor’s ReFit T5 system in conjunction with 35W GE Wattmiser lamps. With an actual wattage of 33 watts per lamp, a further 5.7% energy saving were achieved. Other T5 lamps used ranged from 14W to 49W. The project was mobilised to achieve energy savings. The University saw this project as an opportunity to consider whole life costs and improve the lighting quality and reduce long term maintenance, not just achieve a fast payback. Some areas had new lighting layouts. Emergency lighting was renewed in many areas as old fittings were in need of upgrade. Overall the quality of the lighting has been greatly improved in terms of colour rendering and colour appearance. “We were very pleased with the overall scheme and the management of the project. Chalmor worked around the activities in this busy campus to minimise disruption to the project areas,” commented the University’s Facilities and Estates team. “The University has received some very positive feedback about the improved lighting quality. The project will also assist the universities ISO14001 bid and sustainability status. The EMILAS award is testimony to the scale and ambitions of this energy efficiency project and the environmental challenges arising from replacing the lighting, responsible waste minimisation, re-use and recycling" stated the Energy Environment Manager. "We were very pleased with the overall scheme and the management of the project. Chalmor worked around the activities in this busy campus to minimise distruption to the project areas" he added. To see if we can carry out energy saving lighting in your university, enquire today. share via Facebook Share on Facebook
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