Weetabix Manufacturer Energy Management

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21 Sep 2017

Weetabix Manufacturer Energy Management

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Chalmor EMU energy management units have been providing zoned control of heating at the offices of Weetabix in Northamptonshire for over 20 years and continue to provide reliable and efficient service. Three of the EMU multi-channel controllers are installed at the Burton Latimer site, controlling four boilers and providing space heating to offices across three zones. Two of the EMUs are over 26 years old and the third a mere 20 years old. All are linked to an outside temperature sensor and equipped with optimum stop and start. “The units were certainly ahead of their time, in terms of functionality, and hail from a time when things were built to last” commented Alan Bull, Weetabix Energy & Environment Engineer. “They continue to do a very good job so there is no reason to replace them,” Alan continued. “With features such as four zones of heating control, independent self-learning, boiler sequencing and four auxiliary timed circuits these units were leading edge at the time and there was nothing comparable in that price bracket,” recalls Chalmor Managing Director Steven Henry. “Just as importantly, they were much easier to configure compared to the complex building management systems of the time. And they have certainly exploded the myth that electronics-based controllers should have a shorter life than electro-mechanical products,” he added. These same principles are embodied in the current generation of EMU systems, which incorporate the latest technologies to offer even more advanced features while retaining the quality, ease of use and competitive pricing of their predecessors. share via Facebook Share on Facebook
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